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What is CPSS 2.1 ? 

The cleaning professional's Skill Suite (CPSS) is a 'Best practice' assessment scheme for accredited traning in the cleaning industry, MEATAC staff are fully qualified BICSc assessors and are capable of tackling all subjects covered by CPSS. 

Who is it for ?

CPSS 2.1 is recommended for anyone involved in the cleaning industry, including cleaning operatives, housekeepers, industrial cleaning operatives, supervisors, managers, team leaders and apprentices. it allows candidates to only have to learn what is directly relevant to learn and the environment within which they clean. 

The Cleaning Professional's  Skill Suite (CPSS 2.1)


  • Chemical competence

  • Safe assembly & care of equipment

  • Storage of equipment & materials


BU 1 -  Dust control mop sweeping.

BU 2 - Damp mopping

BU 3 - Vacuum cleaning

BU 4 -  Manual brush sweeping.

BU 5 -  Emptying & cleaning of general waste bins

BU 6 - Dusting/ damp wiping of surfaces

BU 7 - Cleaning kitchen work surfaces (non commercial)

BU 8 - Cleaning kitchen sinks

BU 9 - Auto Scrubber drying

BU10 - Glass cleaning

BU 11 - Cleaning hand hygiene basins 

BU12 - Cleaning toilet facilities

BU13 - Cleaning washroom facilities. 

BU13 - Preparation and care of a microfiber system.


AU 1 -  Spray cleaning hard floor surfaces

AU 2 -  Buffing hard floor

AU 3 -Machine scrubbing and drying (with wet suction           machine)

AU 4  -   Cylinderical brush machine

AU 5  -   Washing surface

AU 6  -   Polish application

AU 7  -   Stain Removal

AU 8  -   Cleaning domestic refrigrators

AU 9  -   Cleaning domestic microwaves

AU10 -   Cleaning domestic toasters

AU 11 -   Cleaning telephones

AU 12 -  Multi bucket floor mopping

AU 13 -  Cleaning squat toilets



SU 1  -  Body fluids & sharp objects.

SU 2  - Biohazard decontamination cleaning

SU 3  - Cleaning computers

SU 4  - Cleaning lifts

SU 5  - Carpet skimming.

SU 6  - Carpet extraction cleaning

SU 7  - Strip dry & reapply emulsion polish

SU 8  - Graffiti removal 

SU 9   - Chewing gum removal (hard surfaces)

SU 10 - Steam cleaning

SU 11  - Pressure washing

SU 12 - Machine sweeping

SU 13 -  High level dusting

SU 14 - Upholstery  extraction cleaning

Three steps to CPSS certification

1.  Complete the Licence to Practice Unit

  • To be awarded the Licence to Practice, candidates must complete the Licence to Practice Unit. This unit has been made compulsory to protect the safety of cleaning operatives, users of building as well as to promote sustainability. The minimum requirement for CPSS is the Licence to Practice Assessment.

2. Enhance your skills with Base Units and Additional Units.

  • CPSS features a range of competent cleaning skills designed to enhance the knowledge of cleaning operatives. It is up to the individual or company to decides how many competent skills their operatives require. All skills achieved will be listed on a skills card awarded to the candidate on completion of their training.

3. Become a cleaning specialist with our Special Units

  • In addition to the Base and Additional Units there are also a variety of Special Units available. Theses skills are ideal for cleaning operatives who work in a specific environment requiring specialist knowledge. Any specialist skills that cleaning operative achieve will be listed on a sill card awarded to the candidate on completion of their training.