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Using British institute of cleaning Science best practices, along with the UK guidelines for cleanliness as laid out by the UK's Government National Health Service (NHS), MEATAC's experience in the healthcare sector is extensive. We' ve provided training to in-house staff in of NHS as well as to a number of cleaning contractors working in Healthcare. 

MEATAC works with healthcare facility's infection prevention terms, to make sure any support services we provide support; and whre necessary; improve the processesalready used. The proposal we provide will at all times focus on patient safety as well as the client requirement as required by the legislation and guidelines provided.


Dubai is  home to some of the largest, most impressive hotels in the world, having a constantly high occupancy rate. The amount of footfall combined with high competition in the region means that first impression is everything.

Lavish receptions and hotel rooms have surfaces and materials that need special treatment during cleaning to avoid damages. Our BICSc training courses are suited to such specialist skill and we will always advice on the best technique to incorporate into your cleaning programme.  

Corporate & Commercials

This sector is one varied and MEATAC understand that Businesses not only range in size, but also purpose. That is why our courses can beadapted and scaled to any size and scope of business with our consultation always being of the highest quality. 

Our BICSc courses have range of specific modules that are suited towards any business environment, from telephone handset cleaning to reduce cross contamination between users in an office environment, to full competency in floor scrubber dryers to clean a large foyer or warehouse floor, or any other large hard floored area. 


All retail outlets face the same challenges; how best to present their brands and the products to prospective customersti maximise visual inpact. Impressions can play a big part in purchase decision making, and customers may be more inclined to spend their money elsewhere if the visual appeal of your business falls short.

MEATAC can optimise cleaning schedules to make sure your retail premises remain prestine and visually appealing for prospectives customers. Our training facility can be set up to mimic a standard retail space, giving your staff the ideal opportunity to perfect techniques at our training centre.  

If you wish to enrol yourself or a group for a MEATAC BICSc accredited course, just call us on + 971 4 276 7132 or email us at enquiries@meatac.com to fix an appointment.